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This page provides resources to help you use the Strengths Workshop Online resources.  While the structure is designed for a six week small mall group settings this is just a resource not a program. You are encouraged to be flexible in using these tools to respond to any personal or ministry opportunities.  At the bottom of the page you will find links to other resources.

A small group facilitator guide is available   http://StrengthsWorkshop.Ca/SM/Notes/SG-Guide.pdf

Click here to download these videos from our Google Drive.

INTRODUCTION:  Facilitator  Guide and Promo Clips

0.1  Promo with testimonies   0.2 Thoughts and tips to Small Group Facilitators  

SESSION ONE:  Theme:   About Your Strengths

1.1 – Topic:  About Your Strengths.  18 Min  

1.2 – Topic: Know Your Strengths.  15 Min  

SESSION TWO:  Theme:   In the School of Life

 2.1 – Topic:  Myths and Truth.   15 Min    2.2 – Topic:  His Strengths Made Perfect in Weakness. 10 Min     

SESSION THREE:  Theme:   About Your Calling

 3.1 – Topic: About Your Callings: 18 Min    3.2 – Topic: Roles Are Your callings: 15 Min    

SESSION FOUR:  Theme: Affirm Your Calling

4.1 – Topic: People and Issues Affirm Your Callings: 12 Min     4.2 – Topic: Goals and Rewards Affirm Your Callings: 11 Min   

SESSION FIVE:  Theme:  Live Your Calling

5.1 – Topic:  Roles and Big Rocks: 12 Min    5.2 – Topic: Power in Low-Lying Fruits:  10 Min   

SESSION SIX:  Theme:   Celebration and Praise


Other tools and links: